About Us

Contemporary, Moroccan shag, flat weave, vintage, hides and natural fiber—just a few of the many types of rugs on display at Modern Rugs LA. The once pop-up shop has grown into two showrooms in West Hollywood and Culver City, with more in the coming future. “I wanted to see how the market would receive the idea of modern rugs,” owner Sasha Masjedi says. “I had been in the clothing industry for almost a decade, and even though I loved fashion, I yearned to delve into home decor. The rug industry had been stagnant for decades and most of the merchandise was recycled and repetitive. I was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and Jackson Pollock, and really wanted to bring their vision into the world of rugs.” Not surprisingly, painters continue to inspire Masjedi today, with other artists and fashion designers in the mix. “I don’t think I’ve ever gone through an entire day without thinking how I can take an object and convert it to a thing of beauty,” he says. “We have a collection inspired by wallpaper, cross sections of granite, the flow of a river. One time, I was so inspired by the print of a woman’s yoga pants that we made an entire collection dedicated to it.” While Modern Rugs LA houses every type of rug for every style—from homey modern to transitional contemporary—Masjedi says his personal favorite is unarguably modern. “I love homes that are clutterless and seamless.” Working with designers, namely, and homeowners in and around Southern California, including West Hollywood, Bel Air, Malibu and beyond, Masjedi and his team have built their success around positive energy. “I think being successful is a combination of a variety of things—reputation, trust, and integrity are ours,” he says.